Top Choice Teahouse in Shiraz

Seray-e Mehr Teahouse

This serendipitous little jewel in the middle of the Bazar-e Vakil is hidden behind a small door next to the Seray-e Moshir caravanserai. Decorated with painted panels and antiques on the wall, this split-level teah…
Top Choice Iranian in Shiraz

Haft Khan

Wildly popular with fashionable Shirazis, this enormous restaurant complex near Quran Gateway offers four types of dining experience: there’s a generous buffet on the ground floor, a fast-food court on the 2nd floor…
Top Choice Iranian in Shiraz


This tiny restaurant, more shop than diner, is an absolute favourite with locals, foreign expats and the odd tour group whose guide is in the know. Would-be diners queue up on the street to find a place at the tight…
Top Choice Iranian in Shiraz

Shater Abbas

This restaurant is housed in a vast dining hall with giant murals on the wall and canteen-style salad bars. Hot bread is made near the entrance, luring potential diners in, and the lamb preparations – shandiz lary k…
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Mahdi Faludeh

Opposite the Arg-e Karim Khan, Mahdi is the most famous faludeh shop in Shiraz. It also sells delicious bastani (Persian ice cream).
Iranian in Shiraz

Sharzeh Traditional Restaurant

Near Masjed-e Vakil, this hugely popular restaurant is in the basement of an arcade with galley-style seating around the upper of the two floors. It’s best for lunch, when bazaris (shopkeepers) flock here to eat hea…
Iranian in Shiraz

Haji Baba Restaurant

The friendly waiters at this tiny, attractively decorated restaurant in a busy part of town certainly earn their wages, rushing upstairs to serve a constant stream of customers. The khoresht-e mast (a strange concoc…
Iranian in Shiraz

Soofi 1

Out in the suburbs, the Soofi is where middle-class Shirazi families come to celebrate big occasions and it can be loads of fun on weekends when live music is played. Kababs are the order of choice, particularly the…
Iranian in Shiraz

Niayesh Restaurat & Coffee Shop

The tranquil internal courtyard of the Niayesh Boutique Hotel is a pleasant place to escape the crowds and relax over a tea, espresso coffee or meal. There’s a limited menu of tasty home-style dishes, all of which a…