Top Choice Teahouse in Shiraz

Seray-e Mehr Teahouse & Restaurant

This is a serendipitous place to find after wandering through the Bazar-e Vakil. Hidden away through a small door behind the Saray-e Moshir Bazar, the split-level teahouse has a small menu of tasty favourites (think…
Top Choice Iranian in Shiraz

Shater Abbas 1

The bustling open kitchen and hard-working waiters attest to the popularity of this long-standing favourite. Enter from the street, descend the stairs into the basement and claim one of the large tables clad in chee…
Iranian in Shiraz

Haji Baba Restaurant

The waiters at this place certainly earn their wage, rushing up and down the stairs to serve a constant stream of customers. The khoresht and the fried white fish are better than the kababs, which can be disappointi…
Sweets in Shiraz

Mahdi Faludeh

Opposite the Arg-e Karim Khan, Mahdi is the most famous faludeh shop in Shiraz. It also sells delicious bastani (Persian ice cream).
Iranian in Shiraz

Sharzeh Traditional Restaurant

This place can be hard to find, but is worth the effort. Enter down an arcade off the western side of the small street leading from Zand Ave directly to the Masjed-e Vakil. The restaurant is in the basement of the a…
Modern Iranian in Shiraz

Haft Khan

Wildly popular with fashionable Shirazis, this enormous place near near the Darvazeh-ye Quran (Quran Gateway) has four levels of restaurants: there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet on the ground floor, a fast-food court …
Modern Iranian in Shiraz

Soofi 1

It’s been around for almost as long as the revolution, but Soofi shows no sign of closing up shop any time soon (we guess the same could be said about the revolution). This is where middle-class Shirazi families com…
Iranian in Shiraz

Niayesh Restaurat & Coffee Shop

The tranquil internal courtyard of the Niayesh Boutique Hotel is a pleasant place to escape the crowds and relax over a tea, espresso coffee, qalyan or meal. There’s a limited menu of tasty home-style dishes, all of…