Top ChoiceIranian in Semnan

Cafe Sonati Tadaion

This charming family restaurant makes delightful use of a domed cellar room off the rear courtyard of the historic Tadayon House (in which you'll also find a gift shop, gemstone store and cultural office Semnan...

Top ChoiceIranian in Semnan


This upmarket restaurant occupies several small rooms and two open terraces in the fountain-centred Zendegi House, a 180-year-old miller/trader's mansion with a museum room of 20th-century oddments, a crystals...

Bazaar in Semnan

Semnan Bazaar

Semnan's cross-shaped covered-bazaar marks the old heart of the city. While far less extensive than the great bazaars of Kerman or Tabriz, there is plenty of 19th-century vaulting and the north-south section...

Mosque in Semnan

Masjed-e Jameh

The extraordinarily high, if austere, west iwan of the Masjed-e Jameh dates from a 1424 rebuild, rising above a bare-brick octagonal prayer hall. But the mosque’s most lovable feature is older: the gorgeous,...

Iranian in Semnan

Sofrakhane Kohamdezh

Fronted by a badgir (windtower), this late-Safavid house opened as an upmarket restaurant-teahouse in early 2017. Specialities include fish fillets, and shrimp served with fresh-baked tanour bread coloured with...

Cafe in Semnan


Tucked behind the Mashahir Sq cistern, this bustling, midrange family restaurant has a trio of live musicians playing nightly, serves herbal teas (IR20,000), juices (IR30,000 to IR60,000) and traditional sherbets...

Teahouse in Semnan

Kalantar House

As yet it's still a building site, but already this Qajar-era house's seven-tiered windtower has been converted into what appear to be rooms, and by 2018 the site should be launched as a traditionally styled...

Mosque in Semnan

Masjed Imam

Founded under Fath Ali Shah in the 1820s, this mosque is a large courtyard affair with four iwans at the cardinal points – the higher east and west ones offer a measured use of restrained coloured brickwork. On...

Mausoleum in Semnan

Imamzadeh Yahya

Fronted with splendid blue tiling and filled with dazzling mirror-mosaics, this mostly contemporary imamzadeh just off the bazaar entombs Yahya bin Musa Kazim, one of the brothers of the eighth imam.

Iranian in Semnan

Restaurant Sonati Mashahir

The facade looks bland, but inside the decor is a kitschy delight. Achaemenid figures lead down to a vaulted cavern, artificial grotto and circular dining area backed by mock-ancient portraiture in relief. On top...

Museum in Semnan

Hazrat Museum

Inside a historic bathhouse, fronted with charmingly naive Qajar-era picture tiles, this museum displays 3000-year-old pottery from the archaeological site of Hissar, plus some pretty photos of Semnan Province.

Gate in Semnan

Darvaza-e Arg

Spiked with blue-tiled baby minarets, Darvaza-e Arg is Semnan’s dinky but iconic Qajar-era city gate, with appealing tile murals adorning the northern facade.

Notable Building in Semnan

Water Cistern

A steep stairway near Mashahir Sq leads down into what was once a water cistern, though it's now blocked off. Behind, what appears to be a fortress tower was actually a decorative element from a since-demolished...