Tourist Information in Damghan

Miras Ferhangi

Free maps and pamphlets are distributed by the somewhat unwelcoming Miras Ferhangi office tucked around the back of the town's history museum (via a different entrance), set in the over-renovated Qajar-era house of …
Tourist Information in Semnan

Semnan Miras

Semnan's cultural information office occupies one small room within a lovely Qajar-era mansion that also features Semnan’s finest surviving windtower, a gift shop and a gemstone shop, along with an easily missed tra…
Exchange in Damghan

Farakhzad Jewellery Shop

US dollars and euros are changed at this unmarked jewellery store, the second shop on the left as you walk down the old bazaar from Imam Khomeini Sq.
Bank in Damghan

Tejarat Bank

Changes a wide range of currencies but at official rates that are around 20% lower than you'd get in nearby jewellery shops.
Internet in Damghan

Coffeenet Novin

Friendly place for internet access; at the back of the small Khandaq shopping centre, close to Imamzadeh Jafar.
Internet in Semnan

Sadi Coffeenet