Ice Cream in Kashan

Bastani Saraye Firuzeh

Forget rocky road and chocolate chip, the defining flavours of this unimposing ice-cream cafe are pomegranate, saffron, vanilla and (given that this is Kashan and the home of rose-growing) a delicately aromatic, pin…
Sweets in Shiraz

Mahdi Faludeh

Opposite the Arg-e Karim Khan, Mahdi is the most famous faludeh shop in Shiraz. It also sells delicious bastani (Persian ice cream).
Sweets in Esfahan

Fereni Hafez

Locals congregate around this humble shopfront to buy an afternoon snack of fereni – a tapioca-like dessert served with honey. Some pause to eat it standing, others perch on the plastic stalls on the pavement, other…
Sweets in Tabriz

Rahnama Dairy

This simple dairy-cafe at the main bazaar entrance serves unbeatable breakfasts of must-asal (yogurt and honey) and khame-asal (cream and honeycomb).
Ice Cream in Tehran

Akbar Mashti Bastani

Akbar Mashti became famous for his ice cream in the 1950s and today his son continues to sell what he modestly describes as ‘the most famous ice cream in Iran and the world’ from a tiny stall near Tajrish Sq. Try th…
Sweets in Orumiyeh

Noghl Torabi

Sells fabulous carrot-and-walnut halva (a sweet made of sesame flour and honey) and noghl (icing-sugar-coated nuts or fruit), the latter made in big, copper cement mixers.
Sweets in Gonbad-e Kavus

Safa Café

This little cafe sitting opposite the classic Mil-e Gonbad tower offers ice-cream sundaes, floats and freshly squeezed seasonal juices.