Top Choice Iranian in Shiraz

Shater Abbas 1

The bustling open kitchen and hard-working waiters attest to the popularity of this long-standing favourite. Enter from the street, descend the stairs into the basement and claim one of the large tables clad in chee…
Top Choice Iranian in Tabriz


Fish, fish, fish. Fresh whole fish, fish kababs, fish köfte balls in the US$3 salad bar, fishing nets on the ceiling, little aquariums between the tables and even fish-shaped souvenir pens. Standards are excellent, …
Top Choice Iranian in Gorgan

Sofrakhane Sonati Darvish

In a 300-year-old domed chamber hung with ships’ wheels and lanterns, the Darvish is by far Gorgan’s most intriguing restaurant…if you can find it. Menus are limited but the kababs are superlatively succulent. Aroun…
Iranian in Shiraz

Haji Baba Restaurant

The waiters at this place certainly earn their wage, rushing up and down the stairs to serve a constant stream of customers. The khoresht and the fried white fish are better than the kababs, which can be disappointi…
Iranian in Shiraz

Sharzeh Traditional Restaurant

This place can be hard to find, but is worth the effort. Enter down an arcade off the western side of the small street leading from Zand Ave directly to the Masjed-e Vakil. The restaurant is in the basement of the a…
Iranian in Tabriz


Vaulted underground eatery with an amusing if tacky ‘sculpted’ centrepiece water-feature and a choice of tables or carpeted sitting platforms. Decent kababs and rich dizi (US$2).
Iranian in Tabriz

Modern Tabriz Restaurant

This good-value favourite serves great kababs and excellent fried trout in a large, basement dining hall that somehow finds a successful blend of olde-worlde charm, 1960s retro and idiosyncratic kitsch. Meal prices …
Iranian in Tabriz

Restaurant Tatly

Ceilings soar to five-pointed star lamps in this renovated older building. Pizzas are typically Iranian but the ash (thick vegetable and noodle soup) is most hearty and excellent value (US$1).
Iranian in Tabriz

Revolving Restaurant

A Plexiglas elevator fires you through the Hotel Elgoli’s atrium like at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for predictably great views. The basic charge of US$7 entitles you to raid the soup-n-salad bar. Then add main…
Iranian in Tabriz

Talar Bozorg Elgoli

Within Elgoli’s mock Qajar palace, this busy, surprisingly unpretentious family restaurant serves Tabrizi köfte, a local home-cooking speciality like a giant Scotch egg. Order ahead in winter.