Top ChoiceFortress in Rayen

Arg-e Rayen

One of Iran's most impressive fortress-citadels, the Arg's vast adobe walls top a gentle slope directly south of central Rayen. Inside is a castle within a castle. Some sections are very ruinous but wandering...

Teahouse in Rayen


West of Imam St at the Imamzadeh Shirekhoda roundabout, Qarbi St rises past a series of older, mud-domed homes. Many are derelict, but near the top (250m) one of these timeless structures is now used as a tea...

Iranian in Rayen


Khansalar offers high quality at low prices, notably for meaty kebabs and saffron-toned kashke bademjan (mashed eggplant), with a seating choice of a small garden or the bright wood-effect dining room.

Mausoleum in Rayen

Imamzadeh Shirekhoda

New but entombing a descendant of the sixth imam, this pretty octagonal structure features blue-floral tiling between its honeycombed windows and the slightly pinched section beneath the dome that turns it into a...