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The easiest place to sample the delights of Gilani cuisine is the centrally located Kourosh. Start with the murky-looking but very tasty zeitun parvardeh (olives in walnut paste) and share some mirza ghasemi (dip-li…
Iranian in Rasht

Haj Hossein Kabab

Don't even think about ordering the stew: you come here to go to kabab heaven via its signature torche (sour) kabab. (Just eat salad for a week afterwards.) It's in a alley off Shariati St to the right just before y…
Iranian in Rasht


At the Paris end of Golsar, this swanky diner is a good place to sample Gilani dishes, fish in particular. There's a live piano player, so go ahead and dress up.
Iranian in Rasht

Restaurant Tak

Three floors of smart Gilani dining present such options as torshe tareh (a citrusy dish of local sorrel and egg) and amazing oven-baked sardines.
Iranian in Rasht

Shour Kooli

A local Golsar favourite, and a good place to sample Gilani cuisine, Shour Kooli specialises in sour stews and fish.
Pizza in Rasht

Pizza Pizza

This family-friendly establishment is unusual for its female waitstaff and children’s play area. The pizzas are typically Iranian style, with lots of cheese. Order downstairs; the menu is in English. It’s 3km north …