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Leave Ho Chi Minh city from early morning head to Tram Chim National park 155 km - 3.5 hours away, you will have chance to enjoy wetlands peaceful life of Mekong Delta   and learn more about the rare birds in this reserve. During the day, you will discover Tram Chim national park - a large sanctuary for birds, was recognized as the fourth Ramsar site in Vietnam and the 2,000th in the world. This trip will also offer you a chance to engage in conversation with local residents and get to know their Mekong Delta culture values and lifestyle.
1 day
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Bird watching at Kerkini Lake from Thessaloniki

Lake Kerkini is situated in the northeast of the district of Serres, at just 40km distance from the town of Serres and 100km from the city of Thessaloniki. The lake is surrounded by mountains Belles and Mavrovouni, at close proximity with the Greek-Bulgarian borders. Lake Kerkini:Kerkini is an artificial lake that was created in 1932, and then redeveloped in 1980, on a site of what was previously an extensive marshland. It is now a wetland of great environmental significance as a result of man's technical intervention on the natural characteristics of Strymon River. Human intervention at the environment usually retracts or takes negative action against the natural processes but Kerkini Lake is a rare paradigm, where logical human handling had the exact opposite result. Nowadays the waters of the lake are mainly of agricultural utility while the lake and surrounding areas provides shelter to a series of wild life species.
12 hours