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Top Choice Cafe in Qazvin


Deep within the Sa'd-al Saltaneh caravanserai is this hipster favourite. An English menu reveals heart-starting espressos and lattes, exotic teas and trippy herbal concoctions, deliciously wicked petit fours and eve…
Top Choice Bazaar in Qazvin

Sa'd-al Saltaneh Caravanserai

This huge, beautifully restored Qajar-era caravanserai is now the design centre of Qazvin. The long, vaulted passages house independent artists showcasing exquisitely crafted wares (jewellery, paintings, ceramics, c…
Museum in Qazvin

Chehel Sotun

When Qazvin took its turn as Iran’s capital, this attractive, colonnaded cube was Shah Tahmasp’s royal palace. Built in 1510, it was greatly remodelled in the Qajar era. Set in the town’s central park, it looks espe…
Iranian in Qazvin


Locals rate this the best feed in Qazvin, and it's hard to argue. The handy picture menu helps visitors explore beyond kebabs and try some Iranian specialties, such as khoresht fesenjan (chicken and walnut stew) or …
Bazaar in Qazvin

Covered Bazaar

Now that the Sa'd-al Saltaneh caravanserai has been transformed into a modern arts-and-crafts precinct, the remains of Qazvin's original covered bazaar deals mainly in clothes, jewellery, textiles, homewares and wet…
Mosque in Qazvin

Nabi Mosque

This Qajar-era mosque has a distinctive long, narrow courtyard that acts as the demarcation line between the old bazaar and the renovated Sa'd-al Saltaneh caravanserai. The mogul-style dome catches the evening light…
Islamic Shrine in Qazvin

Imamzadeh-ye Hossein

This large, well-proportioned shrine has a Qajar facade, a 16th-century blue dome and plenty of mirror tiling. Set in a big, fountained courtyard surrounded by coloured-brick alcoves, it commemorates Hossein, son of…
Historic Building in Qazvin

Aminiha Hosseiniyeh

Behind an unassuming brick wall is this well-preserved Qajar mansion built by a rich merchant in 1773. The courtyard garden is a pleasant place to linger after being dazzled by the mirrored, glittery interior, with …
Mosque in Qazvin

Masjed-e Jameh

Built in 1115, but extensively remodelled in the early 17th century, the Masjed-e Jameh has huge iwans (vaulted three-walled halls) and a fine marble mihrab (wall niche indicating the direction of Mecca).
Cafe in Qazvin

Cafe Voraza

Locals and tourists alike cram this tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe at the northern end of Khayyam St for its eclectic range of coffees (included iced), cakes and ice creams (the chocolate ice-cream cake is the best!).