in Qazvin

Calligraphy Museum

Inside the royal palace Chehel Sotun is a new calligraphy museum.
Museum in Qazvin

Qazvin Museum

This spacious modern museum predominantly features 19th-century decorative arts but the bottom floor has some 3000-year-old bronzes and ceramics from the Alamut Valley.
Traditional House in Qazvin

Aminiha Hosseiniyeh

Tucked away in a walled rose garden is the well-preserved 1773 Aminiha Hosseiniyeh. It’s a private mansion that doesn’t look much from the outside, but has a splendidly gaudy wood, glass and mirror interior and a re…
in Qazvin

Ali Qapu

The massive Ali Qapu was originally a 16th-century gateway to the royal precinct, a kind of forbidden inner city. Today it’s a police post so don’t take photographs.
Bazaar in Qazvin

Bazaar & Craft Workshops

The fascinating covered bazaar amply repays idle wandering. At the east end of the fine Bazaar-e Vazim, Saroye Vazir is stacked high with bundled old carpets. It’s one of several wonderfully down-at-heel caravansera…
in Qazvin

Rah Kushk Gate

Rah Kushk Gate is a dinky little Qajar decorative remnant of Qazvin’s once-vast city walls.
Imamzadeh in Qazvin

Imamzadeh-ye Hossein

This large, well-proportioned shrine has a Qajar facade, a 16th-century blue dome and plenty of new mirror tiling. It commemorates a son of Imam Reza and is convivially set in a big fountain courtyard surrounded by …
Palace in Qazvin

Chehel Sotun

When Qazvin took its turn as Iran’s capital, this attractive, colonnaded cube was Shah Tahmasp’s royal palace. Built in 1510, it was greatly remodelled in the Qajar era. Set in the town’s little central park it look…