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Iranian in Orumiyeh


Traditional home-style Persian comfort food such as dizi (fatty lamb, potato, chickpea and tomato dish that comes with its own pestle to grind into paste) and abgusht (hearty lamb stew) really hits the spot at this …
Mosque in Orumiyeh

Masjed-e Jameh

Dominating the bazaar, the impressively large brick-domed Friday Masjed-e Jameh dates back to Seljuk and Ilkhanid times and features some interesting stonework. It's open by request.
Tower in Orumiyeh

Seh Gonbad

Tucked away in a quiet mini park, this two-storey tomb tower (dating from 1115) may have started out as a Sassanian fire temple, like many Iranian Islamic buildings.
Church in Orumiyeh

St Mary’s

According to local Assyrian Orthodox Christians, St Mary’s was founded by St Thomas on the grave site of one of the Biblical magi, the pre-Islamic Persian priests who travelled to Bethlehem to greet the infant Jesus…
Island in Orumiyeh

Kabudi Island

Hulagu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan and founder of Iran’s Ilkhanid Mongol dynasty, had his treasury on Kabudi Island in the middle of the lake. His burial there in 1265 was accompanied by the wholesale sacrifice o…
Church in Orumiyeh

Marsarjis Church

More atmospheric than the churches in Orumiyeh itself is the Assyrian Orthodox Marsarjis Church in the hillside hamlet of Sir (5.6km west of Pol-e-Qoyum). Despite a somewhat heavy-handed 1987 renovation, the bare st…
Fast Food in Orumiyeh

Mr Dizi

Tehran's fast-food chain comes to Orumiyeh. When you can't stomach another kabab or hidden surcharge, have a go at one of these meat-and-bean stews. There are even some (cheaper) veggie options, such as mirza ghasem…
Museum in Orumiyeh

Orumiyeh Museum

Fronted by two stone rams, this small but richly endowed museum displays fabulously ancient pottery and fine cuneiform inscription stones. Its most eye-catching exhibit is a replica of a priceless golden chalice bea…
Mosque in Orumiyeh

Masjed-e Sardar

The architecturally fanciful Sardar Mosque has a Qajar-style tri-lobed cornice, a beautifully brick-vaulted interior and a blocky clock-tower minaret complete with a gilded umbrella-shaped dome.
Sweets in Orumiyeh

Noghl Torabi

Sells fabulous carrot-and-walnut halva (a sweet made of sesame flour and honey) and noghl (icing-sugar-coated nuts or fruit), the latter made in big, copper cement mixers.