Tourist Information in Mashhad

Management of Foreign Pilgrims Affairs

Friendly, multilingual staff are super-keen to assist foreign visitors around, will show you a 20-minute video and shower you with books on all things Shiite. Then you get a free tour, but only of the areas in the H…
Consulate in Mashhad

Turkmen Consulate

Allow at least ten days to get a five-day transit visa (US$55 to $85, depending on nationality). You’ll need colour photocopies of your passport info page and onward visa (Uzbek, Kazakh) and will usually need to sta…
Tourist Information in Damghan

Miras Ferhangi

Free maps and pamphlets are distributed by the somewhat unwelcoming Miras Ferhangi office tucked around the back of the town's history museum (via a different entrance), set in the over-renovated Qajar-era house of …
Tourist Information in Semnan

Semnan Miras

Semnan's cultural information office occupies one small room within a lovely Qajar-era mansion that also features Semnan’s finest surviving windtower, a gift shop and a gemstone shop, along with an easily missed tra…
Police in Gonbad-e Kavus


The Mehmanpazir Ferdaws asked us to go to this rather daunting police office to register ourselves before allowing us to stay. It's through the second set of grey gates to the left as you head west from 17 Shahrivar…
Consulate in Mashhad

Afghan Consulate

Until recently it was possible to get a six-day transit visa here within 24 hours for US$120, two mugshots and a copy of your passport. However, at the time of writing, non-Iranian applicants are being sent to Tehra…
Tourist Information in Kordkuy

Miras Ferhangi

The local cultural office doesn't have English-speaking staff but does keep a list of contacts for 'suites' (homestay apartments) and for drivers who can take you to West Radkan Tower.
Border Crossing in Bajgiran

Immigration Post

The border crossing is on the ridge around 800m from Bajgiran village. Although it's the main route to Ashgabad, the border closed for much of the summer in 2016 – leading to much confusion – but has since reopened.
Internet in Mashhad

Cafenet Khayyam

This multi-function operation does photocopies, makes travel arrangements and has a pleasant area of internet-linked computers. It's upstairs above the photography studio marked (in English) 'Hosne Yousouf Foto'.
Immigration in Mashhad

Edareh-ye Gozarnameh

Behind fortified green fencing, this inconveniently located place would look like a prison except that the mad crush of inmates (mostly Central Asians) are all trying to get in. Not the best place to apply.