Northeastern Iran entertainment

Spectator Sport in Mashhad


While the chamber is less exotic than the equivalent at Yazd, this regular zurkhaneh meet is a very real – and surreal – Iranian experience, with well over a dozen regulars going through a series of different displa…
Spectator Sport in Esfarayen

Koshti Bachukeh

A local form of wrestling, koshti bachukeh is popular across the region, but every year, two weeks after Noruz, the year's championship comes to a conclusion in the gladiators' pit that is Esfarayen's Godeh Zeynalkh…
Horse Racing in Gonbad-e Kavus

Horse Racing

On Thursday and Friday afternoons in spring and autumn, the hippodrome at the northeastern edge of town holds horse-racing meets. Predominantly watched by male locals who're here to bet, the atmosphere is nonetheles…