Museum in Mashhad

Main Museum

Bequests and donations from the faithful fill the Haram’s fascinatingly eclectic museums. The Main Museum kicks off with chunks of now-superseded shrine decor interspersed with contemporary sporting medals presented…
Museum in Mashhad

Mehdi Gholibek Hamam

In the shadow of the mosque squats one of Iran’s most interesting and spacious bathhouse museums. The main delight is the wonderful central dome repainted for centuries in multiple levels – most recently in 1922 wit…
Mausoleum in Mashhad

Nader Shah Mausoleum

Elsewhere in the Middle East, Nader Shah is considered something of a historical tyrant. But here he’s a local hero for briefly returning Khorasan to the centre of a vast Central Asian empire. Nader’s horseback stat…
Memorial in Gonbad-e Kavus

Mil-e Gonbad

This predominantly Turkmen town grew up around Jorjan’s one surviving building, the utterly magnificent Mil-e Gonbad. Soaring 55m tall on 12m-deep foundations, this astonishing tower has the cross-section of a 10-po…
Museum in Semnan

Hazrat Museum

Inside the bathhouse is this museum displaying 3000-year-old pottery from the nearby archaeological site of Hissar, plus some pretty photos of Semnan Province.
Historic Building in Gorgan

Taqavi House

This magnificent building houses the Golestan Miras cultural-tourist office. Ask to peep inside the ‘eight-wife’ harem building which is not your average bureaucrat’s photocopy cupboard.
Museum in Gorgan

Gorgan Museum

It has limited, dusty ethnological exhibits, and displays sparse finds from local archaeological sites such as Jorjan (Gonbad-e Kavus) and Turang Tappeh (a large tumulus 22km northeast of Gorgan).
Religious in Damghan

Tarikhuneh Mosque

This is a unique, partly ruined mud-brick structure with 18 extraordinarily sturdy rear columns that date from about AD 760. That reputedly makes this the second-oldest mosque in Iran, possibly having started life a…
Religious in Mashhad

Haram-e Razavi

Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine is enveloped in a series of sacred precincts collectively known as the Haram-e Razavi, or Haram for short. This magical city-within-a-city sprouts dazzling clusters of domes and minarets in …
in Tus

Ferdosi Mausoleum

Domestic tourists flock to the Ferdosi Mausoleum, set in its own park and topped by a classically styled stone cenotaph. The current mausoleum only dates from 1964 but there’s been a tomb of sorts here since …