Top things to do in Niasar & Qamsar

Cultural in Niasar & Qamsar

Rose Festival

In late Spring (May to early June), the annual harvest of rose petals attracts visitors from across Iran to the villages of Qamsar, Joushqan Kamou, Barzak and Niasar. This horticultural pilgrimage amounts to a festi…
Waterfall in Niasar & Qamsar

Niasar Waterfall

Sprinkled across the hillside 1710m above sea level, Niasar's highlight is a waterfall, the most interesting feature of which is not the plunge of water over the cliff but the way in which the water has carved a nar…
Temple in Niasar & Qamsar

Fire Temple – Niasar

Niasar boasts a well-preserved Sassanian-era fire temple. With each of its four sides aligned to the solstice, this pre-Islamic temple is one of the few non-Indian temples still standing and it shows how the practic…