Top things to do

Tomb in Natanz

Sheikh Abd ol-Samad

The tomb of Sheikh Abd ol-Samad, next to Masjed-e Jameh, belongs to a renowned local Sufi mystic of the 11th century. The highlight is the intricate muqarnas (stalactite-type stone carving) ceiling and tall portal w…
Mosque in Natanz

Masjed-e Jameh

This four-iwan central mosque is one of the best preserved of all Ilkhanid-era buildings, dating from the early 14th century. Look out for the very worn, but intricately carved wooden door at the entrance to the mos…
Iranian in Natanz

Charsooq Restaurant

This tidy little traditional-style restaurant, near the Masjed-e Jameh, makes a comfortable rest stop before exploring the nearby pottery workshop or proceeding on the journey between Kashan and Esfahan.