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Money and costs

Riais (﷼)
Exchange Rates
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Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • One-way bus Tehran–Esfahan: US$9
  • Entrance fees to most sights: US$4
  • Dorm bed or basic room with bathroom: US$10–40
  • Meal in local restaurant: US$5–10
  • One-way flight Shiraz–Tehran: US$70
  • Half-day trip from Shiraz to Persepolis by taxi/driver-cum-guide: US$40/50
  • Double room with bathroom: US$40–149
  • Meal in midrange restaurant: US$8–15
Top end (more than)
  • Four-star hotel in Tehran or Esfahan: US$150 plus
  • Main meal in top Tehran restaurant: US$25–50
  • Guide and/or driver for day: US$70–100

Bring cash in enough US dollars or euro for the duration of your trip – cash is king. You cannot use credit or debit cards, travellers cheques or ATMs. Repeat, bring all you’ll need in cash.


Tipping is not a big deal in Iran. In upmarket restaurants (mainly in Tehran) a 10% gratuity might be expected – on top of the 10% service charge that’s often built into the bill. But in most other places any money you leave will be a pleasant surprise. It’s normal to offer a small tip to anyone who guides you or opens a building that is normally closed. If your offer is initially refused, persist. There is no culture of baksheesh (alms or tips) in Iran.