Top Choice Iranian in Mashhad

Hezardestan Traditional Teahouse

Hezardestan is one of Iran’s most beautiful teahouse-restaurants, with a museum-like basement full of of carpets, samovars, antique metalwork and countless knicknacks around a small fountain. The menu is limited to …
Top Choice Iranian in Mashhad


Part of an impressive cultural complex, this memorable restaurant serves kababs, trout and huge bowls of mirza ghasemi (IR160,000) within the spacious brick vaults of a Qajar-era caravanserai. It's around 10 minutes…
Afghani in Mashhad

Fanous-e Abi

Less central or authentic but considerably more reasonably priced than Mashhad's other sonati (traditionally styled) dining options, Fanous serves Afghan-Uzbek and Iranian meals in a photogenic teahouse basement dec…
International in Mashhad

Food Factory

With a ceiling of barrels, green-washed tables, frilled lamps and exposed brick walls, the main triangle of dining room is very inviting but it's the darker, glass-walled upstairs that packs in the youth crowd for m…
Italian in Mashhad

Olive Garden

If you want a classy meal of something other than Iranian fare, this cosy little (and much-applauded) Italian choice might be worth the ride out to Metro Khayyam.
Lebanese in Mashhad

Naseem Lebanon

Excellent-value Lebanese fare in a deep, high-ceilinged restaurant, with a photo menu and English translations displayed helpfully over the long barbecue-serving bar.
Iranian in Mashhad

Chahar Fasl

Upstairs within this ordinary-looking, counter-service kababi is a pleasant stone-and-brick dining room. For breakfast (before 8am) you can get halim (IR85,000) – Iranian porridge.