Top ChoiceChurch in Maku

Qareh Kalisa

Sitting photogenically aloof on a barren knoll, 8km off the lonely Shot–Chaldoran road in the middle of nowhere, behind the low-rise village of the same name, Qareh Kalisa is the best maintained of all Iran’s...

Museum in Maku

Baghcheh Juq Palace Museum

Built for the sardar (military governor) of Qajar Shah Muzaffar al-Din (r 1896–1907), this striking two-storey mansion sits amid 11 hectares of orchards and walled gardens in the village of Baghcheh Juq, 7km from...

Fortress in Maku

Maku Fortress

Above the town, under the huge overhanging cliff, lie the ruins of Maku’s former citadel, where the Baha'i faith's Bab was imprisoned for nine months in 1848. Head north from the bazaar on Taleqani St and follow...

Chapel in Maku

Dzor Dzor Chapel

Amazingly photogenic, this Unesco-listed Armenian chapel was relocated to higher ground once the nearby dam filled up. It's a hilly, sometimes snow-covered 40km from Maku; an agency taxi from the Tourist Inn will...

Cafe in Maku

Cafe Ido

The most upmarket caffeine and nicotine den in town has huge windows as dark as its coffee. It's in front of Maku Tourist Inn.

Historic Building in Maku

Kolah Farangi

This historic, octagonal late-Qajar mansion sits in a neglected garden accessed through the unmarked grey gates of a clinic just north of Chahara Sq.

Iranian in Maku

Dr Nadim

The good doctor's traditional dishes are a cut above the local fast food. Set back from the street in a courtyard near the corner of Saadi St.