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Getting There & Away

Sari–Gorgan transport passes through Kordkuy, with Behshahr–Gorgan savaris picking up frequently from Kordkuy's Shahrdari Sq.

Finding a ride to the West Radkan Tower, however, is awkward. If all goes perfectly, a return trip is just about possible in four hours – seven hours will be more realistic if transporting an assortment of hitchhiking villagers and their livestock to their diverse destinations en route (an ideal way to visit the valley villages). Forget the trip altogether after snow or heavy rain.

To find a suitably sturdy pickup (preferably with food supplies, snow chains and a shovel packed for eventualities), head to the second roundabout south of Kordkuy’s central Shahrdari Sq. Getting a shared place on an overloaded early-morning Toyota truck from here is the cheapest way to the Radkan Valley villages. To charter, ask around the surrounding market or contact the Miras Ferhangi office, which keeps a list of suitable drivers and can arrange for a park guard to guide you. You can also try one of the following well-respected drivers:

  • Ali Fagoni Humorous (if vaguely manic), he has relatives in Kondab village.
  • Mohammad Reza Khosravi (0911 175 3183) A local councillor who runs a Kordkuy carpet shop.
  • Nurallah Fakhfori (0911 957 9067) From the Radkan Valley.

Especially if you have a non-local driver you'll probably need to pay an entry fee at the Forest Park gate, 6km south of Kordkuy.

Dry-weather, snow-prone 4WD tracks continue from the Radkan Valley to Dibaj (1½ hours) from where you can take a savari to Damghan (seat/car IR40,000/200,000, one hour).