Top things to do

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Kish Island


This splendid archaeological site comprises the remains of a large house with private qanat (underground water channel), a public hammam and a congregational mosque. It was originally positioned next to a busy comme…
Top Choice Seafood in Kish Island

Mir Mohanna

This perennial fave, with large windows overlooking the beach, serves exciting fish dishes and shrimp as well as excellent salads. The food is super fresh and well cooked, the decor is cheerful and the service is at…
Top Choice Iranian in Kish Island

Kolbeh Darvish

This much-lauded eatery specialising in traditional Iranian food is the perfect place to try out kubide kabab (minced mutton, breadcrumbs and onion, served with rice) or ghorme sabzi (diced meat with beans, vegetabl…
Historic Site in Kish Island


This site located next to the tennis stadium is well worth a visit. It features a subterranean network of stone passageways built around a historic qanat. It's said to have been built some 2500 years ago to collect,…
Iranian in Kish Island

Shandiz Safdari Saheli

Shandiz Safari isn’t just a restaurant – it’s an experience, especially at dinner. This huge venture overlooking the seashore is the venue of choice for cashed-up Iranian tourists, who come to devour well-presented …
Burgers in Kish Island

Burger House

If you're at the stage of screaming when presented with yet another meat dish with rice, this sleek fast-food joint may well be for you, with a wide array of delectable burgers and sandwiches and average pizzas.