Driving Tour: Khorramabad to Shushtar

  • Start Khorramabad
  • End Shushtar
  • Length 300km; five to eight hours

Don't miss the fantastic Zagros scenery of crumbling hills and sheer cliffs as you wind down off the high plateau to the Khuzestan plains below along the new Andimeshk motorway. Avoid the night buses and do this stretch in daylight. There are camping and hiking possibilities around the Yafteh Wall climbing area, just before you enter the final winding gorge. If time is tight, take a direct Andimeshk savari, then as you near Andimeskh offer the driver dar baste to continue on to Shush (IR250,000, 30 minutes). With the new road, and bypassing Andimeshk centre and Dezful, it's possible to get to Shush in only three hours, allowing you to see all the major sites. The next day, or even the same afternoon, head to Shushtar via Choqa Zanbil.