Dangers & Annoyances

  • Kerman is reasonably safe but the number of drug addicts makes it worth taking extra care at night.
  • Iranians joke that drivers here are particularly devil-may-care in their attitudes to road safety. If you've got your own wheels, drive carefully.
  • For years, overpass construction has turned Azadi Sq into a chaotic traffic bottleneck forcing vehicles to take vast detours just to get across the street.

Entry & Exit Formalities


Management of Foreigners Affairs Office For visa extensions. Arrive as early as possible; once your application has been received, pay the fee around the corner at a poorly marked branch of Bank Melli. If all goes well you might have the extension the same day.

Internet Access

Signal is one of two coffeenets (internet cafe) in the shopping centre on the northeast side of Valiasr Sq. There are several more close to the Hotel Omid.


Sharifi Exchange One of three exchange shops near the bazaar's western end.

Tourist Information

Behind a beautifully moulded entrance, the so-called Econo Museum is actually a series of craft shops and workshops off hidden courtyards – but the ticket desk doubles as a tourist info office of sorts, with free city maps if you ask for them.

Travel Agencies

Parse Owj Reliable agency selling air, train and bus tickets.