Taxi in Kerman

Savaris to Sirjan & Rafsanjan

Taxis for the bus and train stations stop on the north side of Saduqi (Tehran) St directly west of Azadi Sq. Finding a shared ride can take a while as most people are happy enough to pay IR50,000 to go dar bast....

Taxi in Meymand

Kiar Safar

Savari office with shared service to Sirjan (front/back seat IR140,000/120,000, 1½ hours) and Anar (IR140,000/120,000, 1½ hours) plus dar bast cars for Rafsanjan (IR1,000,000) and Kerman (IR2,000,000). Their...

Taxi in Kerman

Shuttle Taxis to Shohada Sq

Shared taxis heading towards Shohada via the bazaar area stop, somewhat furtively, to fill up with passengers on Azadi Square's southern arc. (This only works eastbound due to the one-way system.)

Taxi in Kerman

Savaris to Shahdad

A few cars for Shahdad (front/back seat IR120,000/100,000) wait on a small patch of waste ground behind the Torse'e Ta'avoni Bank building near a junction that's widely known as Chahara Imam.

Train Station in Kerman

Train Station

The train station is 8km southwest of town. Shuttle taxis (IR20,000) leave occasionally from Azadi Sq but most people simply go dar bast (private hire; IR80,000).

Taxi in Kaluts

Golestan va Dustan

Savaris to Kerman (front/back seat IR120,000/100,000) start from this office just off the main street, 300m east of Shahdad's central roundabout, 1.8km from Pasdaran Sq.

Bus Station in Meymand

Shahr-e Babak Terminal

Shahr-e Babak's underused little bus station is set back from the main highway at the northeast corner of town, accessed by a 700m spur road off Helal Amar Blvd.

Taxi in Mahan

Savaris to Kerman

Savaris to Kerman leave from Imam Khomeini St, 600m from the Aramgah, 200m from the Tourist Inn. Look for the shop marked 'Apple Mobile' in English.

Bus in Kerman

Taavoni 7 Ticket Office

Taavoni 7 is one of Kerman's busiest bus companies and maintains several city-centre ticket offices, including this one just north of Azadi Sq.

Bus Station in Kerman

New Bus Terminal

The big new bus terminal is on the western edge of town, around 1km east of the train station