Top Choice Iranian in Kashan

Mirrors Restaurant

It is worth dining in this fabulous little restaurant for the sheer pleasure of sitting in pools of coloured light by day and under a canopy of mirrored stars at night. Ask for the daily stew and relax in the compan…
Iranian in Kashan

Abbasi Teahouse & Traditional Restaurant

Occupying the basement khadameh of the Khan-e Abbasian, this family-run restaurant is justly popular with visitors. Traditional seating is arranged around a fountain and the menu features equally traditional dishes,…
Ice Cream in Kashan

Bastani Saraye Firuzeh

Forget rocky road and chocolate chip, the defining flavours of this unimposing ice-cream cafe are pomegranate, saffron, vanilla and (given that this is Kashan and the home of rose-growing) a delicately aromatic, pin…
Iranian in Kashan

Manouchehri House

This beautifully restored mansion provides the perfect setting for lunch. Book ahead for a meal featuring Kashani specialities, such as gusht lubia (lamb and kidney-bean stew) and polo shevid (rice with lima beans a…
Patisserie in Kashan

Nabatrie Ghanadilpati

One of the best shops in Kashan to buy the town's signature biscuits and melt-in-the-mouth macaroons.
Iranian in Kashan

Golshan Restaurant

A favourite with Kashanis celebrating weddings, birthdays and other big occasions, this brightly lit restaurant in the modern part of town serves fish dishes, zereshk polo (roast chicken with rice and barberries) an…
Iranian in Kashan

Ghazal Restaurant

For those who've had their fill of heritage, this down-to-earth, centrally convenient restaurant offers standard fare at reasonable prices in a locally popular venue.