The most comfortable accommodation in the Kaluts area is Kashkiloo at the western edge of Shahdad. There are nearly a dozen fairly basic village homestays around 23km further north towards Kalout, most in Shafiabad, but also one each in Dehseif, Ziyaratgah, Dolatabad and Malekabad. Across the desert, Deh Salm has one tiny, unmarked homestay.

Camping in the Kaluts

A great part of the Kalut desert experience used to be sleeping outside under the night sky in what was dubbed the 'million-star hotel'. These days such camping is considered dangerous by some locals (thanks partially to poisonous spiders), but Hossein Vatani is one guide who still offers the full outdoors experience.

The so-called Shahdad Desert Camp, 8km from Shafiabad, while cheap and akin to camping, provides covered but semi-exposed sleeping places – though floodlights and paved areas mean you won't really get to drown in that magical sea of starlight.