Iranian in Hamadan

Delta Restaurant

Relocated from its old location on Pastor St, the Delta is in a hard-to-find new basement opposite Saidiyeh St (look for the food picture; there's no English sign). Carpeted platforms ring chair-and-table seating, t…
Iranian in Hamadan

Dareta Sardashi

This tiny two-storey cafe pays homage to the humble bademjan (eggplant) with a variety of dishes, mostly stews and roasts. Service can be a bit hit and miss, and for some reason a lot of dishes come out unnaturally …
Iranian in Hamadan

Aria'ian Teahouse

With caravanserai-style vaulted ceilings, mood lighting and lovingly prepared fresh dizi, why would you go anywhere else for lunch? It's opposite Melli Bank.
Felafel in Hamadan

Falafel Bros

If you've overdone the kababs, the cheeky Bros have just the remedy: a foot-long bread-roll felafel-fest! These puppies are the best in town.
Iranian in Hamadan


Down easy-to-miss stairs, Kaktus, with its clean, modern decor, remains one of Hamadan’s most popular kabab restaurants.
Iranian in Hamadan

Naghshe Jahan Restaurant

This cheap and cheerful small restaurant does tasty takes on the usual kababs, stews and rice dishes.
Iranian in Hamadan

Hezaroyek Shab

Almost out on the ring road, this cosy restaurant has a wide selection of Iranian and Western favourites. Owner Pari Bakhtiyari speaks fluent English, so call ahead to check if it's open. A taxi dar baste should be …