Taxi in Gorgan

Istgah Gonbad

Savaris for Gonbad-e Kavus (front/back seat IR90,000/80,000) and Azad Shahr are supposed to start from inside this bus station but in reality most actually grab passengers from across the road facing the logical dir…
Parking in Gorgan

Pedestrian Tunnel to Gorgan Tower

Reaching the Gorgan Tower depends upon finding the pedestrian tunnel in a parking lot accessed via the road north of Basij Sq.
Bus Station in Gorgan

Main Bus Terminal

Gorgan's main bus station, on the ring road at the northern edge of the city, also has a savari station for directions west.
Bus Stop in Gorgan

Buses to Nahor Khoran

Buses to Nahor Khoran start from a bus stop outside one of the juice bars on Valiasr Sq, known to locals as Meydan-e Kakh.
Bus Stop in Gorgan

City Bus Stops

Many city buses start from Panzhdah Metri 2nd Alley, an arc of road that parallels Shahrdari Sq's northeast side.
Taxi in Gorgan

Savaris to Ziyarat

Savaris to Ziyarat start from the corner of Edalat 47th Alley, 1.5km down Valiasr St from Valiasr (Kakh) Sq.
Taxi in Gorgan

Ehsan Ghasht

This agency handles savari departures to a wide range of destinations to the west and southwest of Gorgan.
Travel Agency in Gorgan

Komeil Golestan Tour & Travel

This English-speaking agency sells air and train tickets.