Top things to do in Gorgan

Tower in Gorgan

Gorgan Tower

The three-legged giant folly of a tower that sits on Basij Sq like a child's fantasy spacecraft is actually a jerkily revolving restaurant-coffeeshop that spins once in 45 minutes (if you persuade the barista to set…
Iranian in Gorgan

Eros Restaurant

Though lacking any contemporary zest, Eros (formerly called Absha) is the neatest of many eateries around Shahrdari Sq. It's owned by a butchery company so has a reputation for fresh meat dishes, but is also a good …
Arts & Crafts in Gorgan

Bagheri Complex

An easily missed doorway leads into the internal courtyard of this historic, tile-roofed house where five craft shops sell woodcraft, copperwork, pottery and more.
Historic Building in Gorgan

Taqavi House

This magnificent complex of historic buildings houses the Golestan Miras cultural-tourist office. Ask to peep inside the ‘eight-wife’ harem building – it's not your average bureaucrat’s photocopier cupboard.
International in Gorgan

Meykhosh Restaurant

Brightly lit but effortlessly contemporary, with clean lines, globe lamps and wooden fittings, the menu here includes pasta, steak, shrimp and a few salads as well as the usual Iranian favourites.
Village in Gorgan

Ziyarat Village

In the last 15 years, unfettered building has smothered this once-pretty shepherds' village with the multistorey holiday homes of rich city dwellers, but there are still vestiges of charm up cobbled Emam Reza St, wh…
Teahouse in Gorgan

Cafe Sonati Tabiyat

If you're visiting Ziyarat, this wobbly, charmingly unsophisticated little teahouse, with blanketed tea-beds around a central wood stove, is a possible stop for tea, qalyan (with tea IR100,000) or basic food (dizi I…
Islamic Tomb in Gorgan

Imamzadeh Abdollah

The ever-expanding mausoleum complex of one of Imam Reza's many half-brothers contains dazzling mirror work and is fronted by a giant new ogive-arched double gateway on Shohada Sq.
Lounge in Gorgan

Darbar Zartosht

Right beside the super-popular Cafe-Restaurant Soufi but barely marked, the vaguely 'secret' upstairs room in Darbar Zartosht is Nahar Khoran's 'in' place for the wealthier local youth to come for hubble-bubble (qal…
Iranian in Gorgan

Cafe-Restaurant Soufi

Currently the most popular restaurant in Nahar Khoran, Soufi looks very alluring from the road and the front-balcony tables with wrought-iron chairs are a pleasant place to sip a decent real coffee (IR85,000 to IR10…