Gorgan restaurants

Iranian in Gorgan

Eros Restaurant

Though lacking any contemporary zest, Eros (formerly called Absha) is the neatest of many eateries around Shahrdari Sq. It's owned by a butchery company so has a reputation for fresh meat dishes, but is also a good …
International in Gorgan

Meykhosh Restaurant

Brightly lit but effortlessly contemporary, with clean lines, globe lamps and wooden fittings, the menu here includes pasta, steak, shrimp and a few salads as well as the usual Iranian favourites.
Iranian in Gorgan

Cafe-Restaurant Soufi

Currently the most popular restaurant in Nahar Khoran, Soufi looks very alluring from the road and the front-balcony tables with wrought-iron chairs are a pleasant place to sip a decent real coffee (IR85,000 to IR10…