Teahouse in Gorgan

Cafe Sonati Tabiyat

If you're visiting Ziyarat, this wobbly, charmingly unsophisticated little teahouse, with blanketed tea-beds around a central wood stove, is a possible stop for tea, qalyan (with tea IR100,000) or basic food...

Lounge in Gorgan

Darbar Zartosht

Right beside the super-popular Cafe-Restaurant Soufi but barely marked, the vaguely 'secret' upstairs room in Darbar Zartosht is Nahar Khoran's 'in' place for the wealthier local youth to come for hubble-bubble...

Coffee in Gorgan

Jersey Caffe

Stylised cityscape silhouettes are the only decorative quirks of this understated, female-friendly coffeeshop (coffees IR70,000 to IR100,000), which also serves a range of herb teas, cakes and fast food at glass...

Coffee in Gorgan

Apple Coffee Shop

While not the most stylish of coffeeshops, this friendly place makes good-value espressos (IR50,000 to IR70,000), has courtyard as well as indoor seating and offers free wi-fi.