Top things to do in Golestan National Park

Village in Golestan National Park


Beyond the national park's eastern edge, 5.3km north of the highway, ridge-backed Espakho is a small, Khorasani village retaining several traditional-style mud houses, some lovely old trees and – most famously – a s…
Ruins in Golestan National Park

Robat Qarehbil

Close to the Golestan National Park's eastern tip, this apparently uninteresting highway-strip hamlet hides a small, atmospherically ruinous Safavid-era caravanserai with small area of partly restored interior domes…
Iranian in Golestan National Park

Dasht Rest Area

At the turn to Dasht is a series of simple roadside eateries facing a rugged landscape of crags dotted with sparse evergreen trees. Charcoal barbecues produce kebabs and there are small indoor areas serving Iranian …