Gardens in Damghan

Cheshmeh Ali

Very popular as a picnic place in summer, Cheshmeh Ali's centrepiece is a pair of Qajar-era pavilions facing each other across a reflecting pool. It's almost worth the savari fare for the beauty of the 30km drive...

Mausoleum in Damghan

Imamzadeh Jafar

Imamzadeh Jafar is a splendid, ancient pale-brick building with round side-towers, arched false-windows and a five-level dome culminating in a brick cone. It looks like a North African castle right off a movie...

Historic Site in Damghan

Tarikhuneh Mosque

This unique, partly ruined mud-brick structure has 18 extraordinarily sturdy rear columns that date from about AD 760 – reputedly making this the second-oldest mosque in Iran (though it may have started life as a...

Iranian in Damghan

Restoran Qajariyeh

If it were central this sofrekhane-style restaurant would be the obvious choice for kababs, tarchin (a layered lamb and rice dish) or a teahouse experience. Sadly it's out on a desolate highway side, 2.5km out of...

Mosque in Damghan

Masjed-e Jameh

With its metallic dome, this mosque looks outwardly new but was actually founded a millennium ago; the fine faceted-brick minaret probably dates mostly from the mid-11th century.Entrance is from a triangle of...

Fast Food in Damghan


This spacious, two-level fast-food restaurant has a certain elegance despite the lime-green colour scheme. A menu in English covers Iranian pizza, basic salads, burgers, sandwiches and – most impressively – the...

Coffee in Damghan


Pleasantly appointed split-level cafe cube serving shakes (IR50,000), hot chocolate and good Turkish coffee (IR60,000) – beautifully presented with a chocolate wafer.

Mausoleum in Damghan

Pir Alamdar

Dating from the 1020s, Pir Alamdar is a circular, Seljuk-era tomb-tower in faceted pale brick, notable for its original band of Kufic inscriptions around the top. It's a short walk northeast of the Jameh Mosque...