Bus Stop in Tus

Bus 202 to Mashhad

Handy bus 202 (IR5000, 40 minutes) to Mashhad's Falakeh Ferdosi departs several times an hour till 8pm from the car park of the Ferdosi Mausoleum, around 300m short of the entry gate.
Taxi in Kalat

Savari Stand

Savaris and two small bus companies offer service to Mashhad, departing from a huddle of shops at the entrance to town, 100m east of the bridge and around 3km west of the Khorshid Palace complex.
Bus Station in Neishabur

Neishabur Bus Terminal

Mashhad savaris (IR80,000) and buses (IR40,000, two hours) leave when full from Neishabur’s terminal, 2km northeast of Khayyam Sq up on the northern ring road.
Bus Stop in Kang

Kang Bus Stop

Three buses a day head to Mashhad from the unmarked stop 400m northeast of Kang's two shops.
Taxi in Neishabur

Savaris for Sabzevar

For Sabzevar and Zafaranieyh savaris start from this spot near Hakim Hospital.
Train Station in Neishabur

Neishabur Train Station

The train station is about 1km south of Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) Sq.
Taxi in Radkan

Radkan Taxi Stand