Central Khorasan restaurants

Iranian in Central Khorasan

Bagh-e Salar

Fashioned like a palatial caravanserai – complete with stalactite-vaulted iwan – this is one of the most indulgently upmarket restaurants in Shandiz for tasting succulent shisklik (skewers of large, barbecued lamb-r…
Iranian in Tus


The only restaurant within the Ferdosi Mausoleum park is brighter and more pleasant than it looks from outside, with a choice of carpeted seating or takht tea-beds. Kababs are suplemented by mirza ghasemi (IR90,000)…
Iranian in Neishabur


The most attractive of four eateries directly north of the Omar Khayyam mausoleum, Ghaderi serves Iranian standards in a pleasant dining room and also in a 'secret' rear summer yard.