Bus Station in Kashan

Kashan Bus Terminal

The main bus terminal is on the northern edge of the city. Buses from this terminal leave regularly to Tehran (VIP IR160,000, 3½ hours) via Qom (IR100,000, 1¼ hours), to Esfahan (VIP/mahmooly IR115,000/80,000, 2½ ho…
Bus Station in Qom

Bus Terminal

Buses leave from this big roundabout 5km north of the shrine.Buses to Tehran (VIP IR120,000, 1½ to two hours) stop here several times an hour. Southbound services to major destinations are frequent, including Esfaha…
Bus Station in Yazd

Main Bus Terminal

Most buses from Yazd leave from the main bus terminal, about 10km west of the old city of Yazd (IR150,000, 20 minutes by taxi dar bast). It is accessible by shuttle taxi from Beheshti and Azadi Sqs. Local buses (IR3…
Bus Station in Esfahan

Kave Bus Terminal

Kave bus terminal services Tehran, Kashan and Yazd. Most passengers buy their tickets at the ticket desks inside the terminal building just before they depart, but during holiday periods it’s wise to purchase ticket…
Airport in Yazd

Shahid Sadooghi International Airport

Located to the west of Yazd city centre, Yazd airport offers a couple of useful services. Iran Air and ATA fly to Tehran (from US$62, 70 minutes, twice daily), Bandar Abbas (from US$75, 80 minutes, every Tuesday) an…
Train Station in Kashan

Train Station

The train station is about 2km northeast of the city centre and a taxi into town costs around IR 80,000.There are four trains a day between Kashan and Tehran (IR165,000, 3½ hours) between 2pm and 7pm. There are also…
Bus Station in Esfahan

Zayandeh Rud Bus Terminal

The Zayandeh Rud bus terminal has services to Shahr-e Kord (VIP IR130,000), with departures every hour or so between 6am to 9pm. To get here from the centre of town, take a shuttle taxi west from Nazar St, just sout…
Bus Station in Esfahan

Jey Bus Terminal

From the Jey bus terminal, there are hourly departures to Yazd between 6am and 1am (VIP IR260,000, six hours) and Na’in (minibus IR60,000, three to four hours). To get here, take a shuttle taxi from Takhti Junction …
Bus Station in Shiraz

Karandish Bus Terminal

Most long-distance buses operate from this busy, and relatively central, terminal.Ramshackle minibuses leave the savari station at Karandish for Marvdasht (near Persepolis) and charge IR80,000 (one hour).
Bicycle Hire in Shiraz

Bike Station

This stand just west of Shohada Sq hires out bikes for those brave enough to chance their luck with the traffic. A passport or other documentation is required as a deposit. Available in the high season only.