Arts & Crafts in Esfahan

Hossein Fallahi

In this studio it's possible to watch the master at work, peering through a magnifying glass as he applies tiny brushstrokes of paint, applied with a cat's hair and pigeon feather, to a miniature painting or a...

Food in Yazd

Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar

The best and most famous of Yazd famous sweets can be found in this centenarian-old store. Customers survey the samples, write down what they want on the form provided, take it to the counter for boxing, pay at...

Arts & Crafts in Shiraz

Shamshirgarha Bazaar

For foreign visitors, one of the most interesting parts of the covered alleyways of Bazar-e Vakil is coming across the Shamshirgarha Bazaar. Housed under a long arcade off the bazaar's main thoroughfare, it is...

Market in Yazd

Khan Bazaar

The alleyways of this covered bazaar extend back to the 9th century and make for a diverting hour or so's meander. Many stores sell various grades of cloth that have been handwoven in Yazd for centuries.

Clothing in Shahr-e Kord & Chaleshtar

Wool Merchant

This tiny shop sells the local traditional goat-haired jackets worn by men. Black and white, knee-length and without arms, these jackets provide a surprisingly windproof layer against the winter cold.

Jewellery in Esfahan

Bazar-e Honar

A dazzling array of exquisite jewellery is for sale in this bazaar dedicated to gold and gems. The broad arcade and opulent shop windows make it worth a stroll even without the intention to buy.

Homewares in Esfahan

Paradise Handicrafts

This friendly father-and-son team specialise in nomadic carpets from all over Iran. High-quality pieces are available and postage can be arranged.

Clothing in Na’in

Aba Bafi

Heavy sheep-and-camel woollen cloaks (famous among Arab customers) are made in underground wool-weaving workshops in this suburb of Na'in. They cost around US$80 depending on size, or more portable striped kilims...

Arts & Crafts in Shiraz

Seray-e Moshir

This tastefully restored two-storey caravanserai, set around an attractive tree-filled courtyard with a pool and fountains, has become a meeting place for locals, pausing in the important business of shopping. A...

Market in Kashan

Kashani Traditional Millstone

The huge millstone in this shop has been in use for over 300 years and still grinds spices for local cooks each day. You can observe copper pots being decorated and pounded into shape at nearby stores.

Perfume in Kashan

Rose Water Shop

Run by an elderly gentleman knowledgeable in the arts of Kashani rose-water production, this shop in the middle of the bazaar stocks a range of rose-water products. The strength of aroma depends on the point at...

Arts & Crafts in Kashan

Mr Mohtashami’s Shop

This small shop sells a range of locally produced manteaus, scarves, blouses and dresses in cotton and silk. It’s an excellent place for women travellers to source locally appropriate clothing.