Top Choice Sweets in Esfahan

Fereni Hafez

You’ll be in good company if you make your way here for an afternoon or after-dinner snack – locals flock to this place to get their regular fixes of fereni, with many taking containers of the sweet stuff home to ma…
Top Choice Teahouse in Shiraz

Seray-e Mehr Teahouse & Restaurant

This is a serendipitous place to find after wandering through the Bazar-e Vakil. Hidden away through a small door behind the Saray-e Moshir Bazar, the split-level teahouse has a small menu of tasty favourites (think…
Top Choice Iranian in Shiraz

Shater Abbas 1

The bustling open kitchen and hard-working waiters attest to the popularity of this long-standing favourite. Enter from the street, descend the stairs into the basement and claim one of the large tables clad in chee…
Top Choice Teahouse in Esfahan

Abbasi Hotel Teahouse

The setting at the rear of the hotel’s courtyard is a delight, and while you might need to start singing to get a waiter’s attention after 6pm, when locals flock here to eat ash-e reshte (noodle soup with beans and …
Iranian in Esfahan

Azam Beryani

Famous for its beryani (which is served with a glass of dugh; churned sour milk or yoghurt mixed with water), Azam has three branches: this one near the bazaar, one in Masjed Seyyed St and one in Kamal-Esmaeil St.
Iranian in Esfahan

Khan Gostar Restaurant

Located in the city’s Armenian quarter, this cafeteria-style restaurant serves enormous plates of rice, chicken, fish and kabab. There’s a large self-service salad bar (US$4.75 per plate) that is great for vegetaria…
Iranian in Esfahan

Mikhak Restaurant

Just off the southeast end of the bazaar, the Mikhak serves quality Iranian comfort food including a moist and flavoursome ‘special chicken’ kabab and a tasty slow-cooked lamb shank. Vegetarians should head elsewher…
Iranian in Esfahan

Nobahar Restaurant

This basement restaurant has been around forever because it serves reliably good, reasonably priced soup, kababs and rice dishes. Clean, modern and cheerful, it’s a safe if unexciting choice.
Iranian in Esfahan

Restaurant Shahrzad

Opulent Qajar-style wall paintings, stained-glass windows and battalions of black-suited waiters contribute to the Shahrzad’s reputation as the best restaurant in Esfahan. House specialities include the lamb cutlets…
Iranian in Shiraz

Haji Baba Restaurant

The waiters at this place certainly earn their wage, rushing up and down the stairs to serve a constant stream of customers. The khoresht and the fried white fish are better than the kababs, which can be disappointi…