Central Iran drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Teahouse in Yazd

Art House

This tiny, friendly rooftop teahouse is the perfect place to enjoy soup, or an uncomplicated tea and cake (IR160,000) with one of the best views in town. There's a craft shop and workshop downstairs.
Teahouse in Shahr-e Kord & Chaleshtar

Ferdosi Soffrekhaneh

The Ferdosi Soffrekhaneh, just west of the bazaar, is one of the most atmospheric, original teahouses in Iran. Housed in a charming old basement, and serving serviceable dizi (IR150,000) and kababs with chay from ev…
Cafe in Yazd

Fooka Cafe

As a refreshingly modern alternative to the traditional teahouses of old Yazd, this stylish cafe, with its installation of hanging coffee cups, is a popular meeting place for Yazd's younger in-crowd. A full menu of …
Cafe in Shiraz

Hedayat Cafe

This trendy spot near the commercial centre of town attracts young Shirazis looking for an international coffee-shop vibe. The technically accurate 'chemical mix' coffees are heated to the exact temperature for the …
Cafe in Shiraz

Ferdowsi Cafe

Attracting a loyal local crowd of liberally minded young Shirazis, overseen by a genial boss, this cafe does a range of brilliant flavoured teas – the sour one is a particular assault on the tastebuds.
Teahouse in Yazd

Laleh Teahouse Restaurant

Persian music, courtyard fountains and a gentle breeze are good companions at this tranquil teahouse restaurant. Sit in the courtyard or in the attractive main hall to enjoy tea and sweets (IR400,000).
Cafe in Esfahan

Sharbat Khan Bahar Nareng

Round the corner from the Kelisa-ye Vank, this magnificently painted one-room coffee shop is like an Esfahani miniature, with its exquisite patterned ceiling and murals on the wall. Providing the perfect venue for a…
Cafe in Esfahan


After a few laps of the square, this little cafe is a lovely spot to pause and relax. Soothing music, rich honey cake, good coffee and herbal teas served with nabat (crystallised sugar) help restore energy levels. T…
Cafe in Shiraz

Bazar Cafe

This casual coffee shop in the middle of an old caravanserai offers a surprisingly peaceful open space in the middle of the busy bazaar in which to take a break and check your email (wi-fi free). Just off Shamshirga…
Teahouse in Kashan

Hammam-e Khan

Signposted downstairs from the bazaar’s Copper Line, this old hammam now operates as a cosy teahouse bedecked in cushions and period furniture – there's even a stuffed bittern among the homely bric-a-brac. Have tea …