Historic Site in Aras River Valley

Kordasht Hammam

Large, lovingly renovated historic hammam with newly marbled floors and attractive ceiling patterns. If closed, ask at the caretaker's house by the entrance road.

Historic Site in Aras River Valley

Caravanserai Khaje Nazar

Above a bend in the Aras River, this restored caravanserai has some wonderful views of the eroded red mountains of Iran and across the border to the Nakhchivan enclave of Azerbaijan. Be careful where you point...

Bridge in Aras River Valley

Khodaafarin Bridges

Two ancient bridges span the Aras downstream of the Khodaafarin Dam. Only one, dating from the 13th century, remains more or less intact. The bridges are about 10km from the Kaleybar road junction.

Fortress in Aras River Valley

Abbas Mirza Castel

Crumbling mud and eroded stone battlements tumble down a rocky hill next to the road, a poignant reminder of a disastrous 19th-century war with Russia.

Ruins in Aras River Valley

Javer Castle

Little remains of the actual castle other than some crumbling stone walls following the ridgeline south from the road, but the views are amazing.

Chapel in Aras River Valley

Chupan Chapel

This small shepherd's chapel has a commanding view of the Aras River. Don't be caught taking photos, though.

Spring in Aras River Valley

Asiyab Khurabe

Locals love this popular wooded picnic area near a drippy, moss-covered grotto.