Clothing in Yogyakarta

Batik Keris

Excellent-quality batik at fixed prices. Best for traditional styles – men's shirts start at about 200,000Rp.
Clothing in Yogyakarta

Hamzah Batik

Hamzah Batik is a fixed-price shop on Jl Malioboro and a good place to start shopping.
Clothing in Yogyakarta

Terang Bulan

Good fixed-price place for batik.
Books in Yogyakarta

Boomerang Bookshop

Has used guidebooks and fiction, Periplus maps and books, plus souvenirs.
Mall in Yogyakarta

Ambarrukmo Plaza

A regular shopping mall, Ambarukmo Plaza is 5km west of the centre on the road to Prambanan and has a great selection of boutiques, as well as a good food court, a cinema and a supermarket.
Art in Yogyakarta

Lana Gallery

A great range of contemporary art from new and emerging artists from across the archipelago, many of them graduates of Yogya’s fine arts school. It's run by Wildan, one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.
Books in Yogyakarta


Gramedia is 5km west of the centre and stocks a few new English-language titles.
Mall in Yogyakarta

Mal Malioboro

For regular shopping in the heart of town, head to Mal Malioboro.
Arts & Crafts in Yogyakarta


A hole-in-the-wall storefront with an incredible collection of authentic antique wooden puppets and masks from across the archipelago, though most are from Java. Some are as much as 50 years old. To the discerning c…
Arts & Crafts in Yogyakarta

Batik Plentong

Batik Plentong gives free guided tours of the batik process. This place caters to tour groups, so prices are very high – view the process here before 3pm and shop elsewhere.