Indonesian in Yogyakarta

Bu Ageng

Traditional Javanese dishes like eyem penggeng, chicken simmered in spiced coconut cream then grilled, are served in a tasteful interior space with wood columns and a bamboo-mat ceiling twirling with fans. Bu Ageng'…
Indonesian in Yogyakarta

Gadri Resto

Just outside the kraton is this restaurant where you can literally eat like royalty: within the residence of Prince Gusti Jaryo Haju Joyouksumo, a son of the current sultan. Many of his favourite dishes are on offer…
Indonesian in Yogyakarta

Tojoyo 3

A smoky, salty, tiled den of turmeric-rubbed, fried-chicken iniquity. Dishes are impossibly cheap and that lean-yet-juicy kampung chicken is improbably good. No wonder all the tables and benches are packed with loca…