Puppet Theatre in Yogyakarta

Sasono Hinggil

Most of the centres offer shortened versions for tourists, but here in the alun-alun selatan of the kraton, marathon all-night performances are held every second Saturday from 9pm to 5am (20,000Rp). Bring a pillow.
Live Music in Yogyakarta


It calls itself an art and coffee shop, but this split-level joint feels like a restaurant and bar with frequent live acts. Regulars include a really good reggae band on Thursdays and a fun, mixed crowd every night.…
Puppet Theatre in Yogyakarta

Sono-Budoyo Museum

Popular two-hour performances nightly from 8pm to 10pm (20,000Rp); the first half-hour involves the reading of the story in Javanese, so most travellers skip this and arrive later.
Dance in Yogyakarta


This amusement park stages Ramayana performances daily at 8pm. You can dine here and watch the show.
Live Music in Yogyakarta


An intimate bar and one of the city’s key live music venues. There are bands most nights.
Live Music in Yogyakarta

K Meals

A cool indoor-outdoor pub with live blues on Monday and reggae every Thursday.