Museum in Yogyakarta

Affandi Museum

One of Indonesia’s most celebrated artists, Affandi lived and worked in a wonderfully quirky riverside home studio, about 6km east of the town centre. Today it's the Affandi Museum, which has an extensive collection…
Palace in Yogyakarta


The cultural and political heart of this fascinating city is the huge palace of the sultans of Yogya, the kraton.Effectively a walled city, this unique compound is home to around 25,000 people, and has its own marke…
Area in Yogyakarta

Kota Gede

Kota Gede, now an upmarket suburb of Yogyakarta, has been the hub of Yogya’s silver industry since the 1930s, but it was once the first capital of the Mataram kingdom, founded by Panembahan Senopati in 1582. Senopat…
Market in Yogyakarta

Pasar Beringharjo

Yogya’s main market, 800m north of the kraton, is a lively and fascinating place. The front section has a wide range of batik – mostly inexpensive batik cap (stamped batik). More interesting is the old section towar…
Museum in Yogyakarta

Museum Kareta Kraton

Near the kraton entrance, Museum Kareta Kraton is a wonderful old carriage house with exhibits of the opulent chariots of the sultans. The leather upholstered and intricately painted horse carts feature detailed cra…
Museum in Yogyakarta

Museum Sasana Wiratama

In the northwest of the city, this museum honours the Indonesian hero Prince Pangeran Diponegoro, who was leader of the bloody but futile rebellion of 1825–30 against the Dutch. A motley collection of the prince’s b…
Museum in Yogyakarta

Pakualaman Kraton

This small museum includes a pendopo (large, open-sided pavilion) that can hold a full gamelan orchestra, and a curious colonial house. Outside opening times you can explore the grounds.
Museum in Yogyakarta

Sono-Budoyo Museum

This dusty, dimly lit treasure chest is the pick of Yogya’s museums, with a first-class collection of Javanese art, including wayang kulit puppets, topeng (masks), kris and batik. It also has a courtyard packed with…
Palace in Yogyakarta

Taman Sari

Just southwest of the kraton is this complex, which once served as a splendid pleasure park of palaces, pools and waterways for the sultan and his entourage. It's said that the sultan had the Portuguese architect of…
Market in Yogyakarta

Pasar Pasty

Yogya’s bird market has songbirds, owls, raptors and pigeons (for training), but occasionally also ravens (which, sadly, are still used in black magic). Note that some people might find it distressing to find endang…