Yogyakarta attractions

Top Choice Palace in Yogyakarta


Beside the southern alun-alun (main square), Yogya's enormous kraton (palace) is the cultural and political heart of this fascinating city. Effectively a walled city, this complex of pavilions and residences is home…
Top Choice Palace in Yogyakarta

Taman Sari

This once-splendid pleasure park of palaces, pools and waterways, built between 1758 and 1765, functioned as the playground of the sultan and his entourage. It's said that the sultan had the Portuguese architect of …
Museum in Yogyakarta

Sono-Budoyo Museum

This treasure chest is one of the best museums in Yogya. It is only small but is home to a a first-class collection of Javanese art, including wayang kulit puppets, topeng (masks), kris and batik. The courtyard hous…
Museum in Yogyakarta

Affandi Museum

One of Indonesia’s most celebrated artists, Affandi (1907–90) lived and worked in a wonderfully quirky self-designed riverside studio, about 6km east of the centre. Today it's the Affandi Museum, a must for any self…
Area in Yogyakarta

Kota Gede

In 1582, Kota Gede was made the first capital of the Mataram kingdom, the founder of which, Panembahan Senopati, is buried in a tomb here. Today, the area is an upmarket suburb of Yogyakarta and the hub of Yogya’s f…
Tomb in Yogyakarta

Tombs of Mataram Kotagede

The 16th-century founder of the Mataram kingdom, Panembahan Senopati, is buried in the small graveyard of an old mosque located in the suburb of Kota Gede. It is the last resting place of other royals too and the en…
Market in Yogyakarta

Pasar Beringharjo

Yogya’s main market is a lively and fascinating place to visit. Batik, catering for tourist tastes and mostly of the inexpensive batik cap (stamped batik) variety, is sold here, but the warungs (food stalls), fruit …
Gallery in Yogyakarta

Kedai Kebun Forum

This fun, bohemian space is a key haunt for Yogya's arts community. The gallery curates mixed-media exhibitions and hosts pop-up shops, film screenings and DJs. The upstairs restaurant caters well for vegans and veg…
Gallery in Yogyakarta

Jogja National Museum

Yogyakarta's premier contemporary art gallery is located within a brutalist concrete block that was built as an art faculty back in the 1950s. Today it exhibits diverse shows by Indonesian artists that change monthl…
Gallery in Yogyakarta

Sangkring Art Space

Located about 3km southwest of the kraton, this elegant space hosts contemporary exhibitions and includes an attractive cafe where local artists gather. Upcoming shows are canvassed on their website.