Top things to do in West Sumbawa

Top Choice Bakery in Sumbawa Besar

Cipta Sari Bakery

Don't pass through town without a stop at this excellent bakery on a shady stretch of the main drag. Pause for coffee or a cold drink, and be sure to stock up for your journey: the various baked goods, pastries and …
Waterfall in Pulau Moyo

Mata Jitu Waterfall

Pulau Moyo's most famous attraction is this fairytale waterfall, whose cascading pools of turquoise water have entranced at least once princess (locals call it 'Lady Diana Waterfall' because she visited just before …
Palace in Sumbawa Besar

Dalam Loka

Originally built over 200 years ago for Sultan Mohammad Jalaluddin III, the remains of the Dalam Loka, a once-imposing structure that covers an entire city block, are in fair condition and are still used for politic…
Chinese in Sumbawa Besar

Aneka Rasa Jaya

Clean and popular, this Chinese seafood house plates tender fish fillets, shrimp, squid, crab and scallops in oyster, Szechuan or sweet-and-sour sauce. The soto kepiting (crab soup) is good, as is anything with nood…
International in Rantung Beach

Lisa's Garden

Those craving things like French press coffee, avocado toast, salads, granola or burritos – all exceptionally rare on Sumbawa – will love this cheap open-air eatery, which has an upstairs deck overlooking the waves.
Market in Sumbawa Besar

Pasar Syketeng

Rise early and hit the steamy, exotic Pasar Syketeng. Its dank alleyways come alive as young and old descend to barter and haggle for every conceivable item, from fish to household goods to live chickens.
Village in Sumbawa Besar


Some of the best ikat and songket sarongs are made by members of a women’s weaving klompok (collective) in the conservative mountain village of Poto, 12km east of Sumbawa Besar and 2km from the small town of Moyo. T…