West Sumatra shopping

Market in Padang

Pasar Raya

Translating as ‘big market’, Pasar Raya lives up to its name: this massive, sprawling site is the centre of Padang’s shopping universe. Here you'll be able to find anything from fresh fruit, clothing and accessories…
Arts & Crafts in Bukittinggi

Makmur Arts

Makmur Arts has an extensive collection of antiques, including Minangkabau brass salapah panjang (long boxes) used for storing lime and tobacco, silver salapah padusi for betel nut and lime, brass gongs, kerises (ce…
Sports & Outdoors in Sungai Penuh


This outdoor adventure store is handy if you're climbing Gunung Kerinci or going on a multiday trek into the jungle. It has a good selection of camping goods, including waterproof gear, hiking boots and cooking equi…