Top things to do in West Kalimantan

Top Choice Cathedral in Pontianak

St Joseph's Cathedral

Pontianak's dramatic domed cathedral was opened in 2015, replacing the earlier 1908 church deemed not large enough to accommodate the city's Catholic congregation. While obviously European in design, with its St Pet…
Top Choice Seafood in Pontianak

Abang Kepiting

Buckets of iced fish, stingray, squid and prawns out front are begging to be steamed, fried or grilled to your liking. Treat yourself to an experience and dive into a pile of smoked crabs: a full-body, all-evening a…
Top Choice Cafe in Sintang

Kece Cafe

One of a line of open-fronted cafes opposte My Home hotel, Kece is also one of the only places in Sintang where you can legally get a cold beer. There's open-mic-style live music on Wednesday and Saturday from 7pm. …
Top Choice Dumplings in Pontianak

Chai Kue Siam A-Hin

Pork or veggies, steamed or fried – whichever you desire, you'll be waiting your turn among the mob of locals jockeying for a table or takeaway. Other Chinese dishes on offer.
Village in Sukadana


Known for its high-quality rice, this verdant farming village at the foot of Gunung Palung, 10km northeast of Sukadana, has a unique attitude and aesthetic due to the Balinese migrants, whose culture blends with the…
House in Putussibau

Betang Banua Tengah

Built in 1864, this betang is home to Tamambaloh Apalin Dayak. Debate over whether it's the oldest longhouse in the region (if not Kalimantan) abruptly ended in 2014, when neighbouring contender Betang Uluk Palin tr…
Indonesian in Pontianak

Kapuas Riverside Restaurant

The overwater restaurant at the Grand Kartika has one of the best outlooks in the city. Watch the ferries cross Sungai Kapuas over a cold beer, or explore the reasonably priced menu of Western and Indonesian dishes,…
House in Putussibau

Ariung Mandalam

One of the most authentic and welcoming longhouses close to Putussibau, Ariung is home to 38 families in a jungle setting on the banks of the Sungai Mandalam. It's abut 8km east of Putussibau: follow Jl Mupa north o…
Cafe in Pontianak

Canopy Center Cafe

This bright, architect-designed cafe and work space combines great single-origin coffee with Indonesian and Western snacks from French fries to Balinese chicken. With a hostel upstairs, it's a great place to open (o…
Gallery in Sintang

Jasa Menenun Mandiri

This organisation actively works to preserve and reinvigorate the practice of traditional weaving. The excellent gallery, in a replica longhouse known locally as Rumah Betang Kobus, has the most extensive collection…