Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 500,000Rp

  • Simple rooms: less than 200,000Rp
  • Cheap street meals: less than 40,000Rp
  • Local transport such as bemos: from 5000Rp

Midrange: 500,000–2,000,000Rp

  • Double rooms with air-con: 300,000–800,000Rp
  • Cheap flights to shorten distances: from 500,000Rp
  • Guides and meals in restaurants, each 200,000–500,000Rp

Top End: More than 2,000,000Rp

  • Stay at resorts or boutique properties in remote places: more than 850,000Rp
  • Flights and cars with drivers to get around: 500,000–1,000,000Rp
  • Special tours for activities such as diving; top restaurants on Bali: more than 1,000,000Rp