Top things to do in Wamena

Lake in Wamena

Danau Habbema

This lovely lake, 30km west of Wamena as the crow flies, sits amid alpine grasslands at 3400m altitude, with dramatic, snow-capped mountains in view (4750m Gunung Trikora rises to the south). The fascinating ecosyst…
Indonesian in Wamena

Cafe Pilamo

Cafe Pilamo is clean and pleasant, and even has three pool tables upstairs, but beware the karaoke, which may start up at any time. It has a long menu of Indonesian dishes, passable burgers and fantastic juices as w…
Market in Wamena

Pasar Jibama

Wamena’s main market, Pasar Jibama, 2km north of town, is full of neat piles of fruit and veg, pigs off to slaughter and slippery fish from the coast. It’s a sight in its own right. Keep a close eye on your belongin…
Bakery in Wamena

Pilamo Bakery

Freshly baked breads and the biggest and best cake selection for hundreds of kilometres means that after-trek dreams come true here.
Arts & Crafts in Wamena


The NGO-run Oi-Tourism has a large selection of tribal art and crafts.
Market in Wamena

Pasar Misi

In the south of town, this is one of Wamena’s three markets.