Waikabubak restaurants

International in Waikabubak

D'Sumba Ate

This cool, bamboo restaurant cooks up wood-fired pizzas, pasta and burgers alongside the usual Indo suspects. If you know what's good for you, you'll eat ayam betutu kampung dan urap, a Balinese-spiced village chick…
Indonesian in Waikabubak

Rumah Makan Fanny

A pint-sized Waikabubak staple, favoured for flavourful but crazy-spicy ikan kuah assam (tamarind fish soup) – one is enough to feed two. It also has assorted Chinese-Indo seafood dishes and a house-special fried ch…
Indonesian in Waikabubak

Pondok Daun Ubi

A decent choice beside verdant rice fields, this modern restaurant serves ayam (chicken) in more than 20 ways, as well as beef and seafood Indonesian dishes. Sit on the ground in individual pavilions above murky gre…